The Steps We'll Take Together

1. Discovery Chat

We begin with a free 30 minute “Discovery Chat”  on Skype to get clear on what you need, what you want to share with the world, and what style of film would best suit you and your business.

We have a real conversation about what you’re all about so that I can best feel into how you would like a film created, what you’re trying to capture and see if we're a good match to make that happen.
I get to know what kind of person you are, what kind of business you have, and what kind of audience you engage with.

This a creative process that delves into truly understanding who you are and the message that you want to share. Allowing the very best parts of you to be brought to life on film.

If from our discussion we feel a connection and excitement about working together, we agree on the terms and set our next date to speak!

2. Deep Discovery Session (Optional)

A Deep Discovery Session is a 90 minute deep-dive into the heart of your work. It’s an invaluable tool for any heart-centred business owner, and is available to anyone wanting to get clearer on their business story and message and explore how to bring that out into the world. This is not compulsory for people wishing to make a film with me and is offered as an additional service.

Find out more about the Deep Discovery

3. Creative Planning Meeting

The Creative Planning Meeting will get your creative juices flowing! It follows on from your initial Discovery Chat or Deep Discovery Session and happens on Zoom or Skype, lasting 60-90 minutes.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to get really clear on the important messages, visions and feelings that you wish to bring to life in your film, and how we can prepare that information for filming.

I will support and guide you through this playful process as the unique look and style of your film begins to awaken and we put concrete steps in place for production. This might include scripting, vision boarding, preparing interviews, exploring music options, release agreements, what to wear, setting locations, scheduling dates, times and travel, etc.

4. Filming - Capturing the Essence of Your Message

I will join you at your business, on retreat, in your workshop, or in locations that represent you and what you're all about to capture images, ideas, and the movement of your message. This can include gathering beautiful imagery, filming powerful testimonials with your clients, an interview with you, or recording audio narration depending on the content we decided on in our Creative Planning Meeting.

5. Professional Editing

This is where the magic happens!

Your part is done. I now bring it all together in a creative mind mapping way, keeping your vision and intention as my destination.

I will bring to life your message in the most magical way possible, and provide you with a quality film showcasing your message in a way that you can be proud of.

6. First Draft

I send you the finished product for your review and we discuss it together sharing transparently regarding any further edits that need to be made.  I will make any agreed changes before completing the final draft and sending your high quality video file by Dropbox.

7. Sharing Your Film

It’s time for you to share your new creation with the world!

Get your audience excited by counting down the days to launch with a visual story on Instagram, premiering your film through a Facebook Live video, sharing a Tweet, or sending out a special email offer for your next event! Check out my Insider Tips to learn more about sharing your film online.

8. Supporting You Further

Once you discover the power of film for your business you may want to further your reach by  building a You Tube or Vimeo Channel. Many of my clients want to grow their video portfolio and continue creating new films with me to support their various promotion needs. This may be by editing together other short clips with the footage we have available, or creating new films to attract, educate and inspire your audience.  Please contact me to discuss the many ways I can help you further.


Are you ready to get started?

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