"Katy is a true master of her craft

The value of candidly capturing deep, transformational work on video cannot be measured. It transmits so much more than words or photos can, and Katy delivers it with immense grace and integrity. Her editing skills are equally amazing. I highly recommend Katy's work!"

Amrita Grace, The Sacred Feminine Mystery School


Photo by Don Hajicek



"I cannot recommend Katy highly enough!

I love the way she was able to flow with the retreat, capture the energy and then deliver a film which reflected my values and the essence of the experience! 

Dawn DelVecchio, Empowered Feminine Leadership Retreats.


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"Katy has a magical talent for bringing out the very best in you.

Allowing you to feel completely at ease just like talking to your best friend. When I saw the results, I was left spellbound, the results were so much more than I ever could have expected. Thank you Katy, you're truly amazing and such a beautiful soul."

Rj Noble, Sweeping Sounds




"Working with Katy was a dream.

She held my hand through the entire process. What made working with Katy such a pleasure is that while she is the absolute professional, she's also amazing at making the whole process flow with ease. It felt like 2 days of collaborative, fun and creative play. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katy to anyone considering using film as a vehicle to deeper connect with their audience and to promote their business."

Caroline Leon, The Female Business Academy


Photo by Adventures of a Goodman



"before working with katy i felt a big camera fear.

Katy has a gift for filmmaking and holding space She is not only a talented filmmaker, but also an artist of life and yoga. She has an amazing gift in capturing the essences of people on camera and telling stories from the heart to the screen. Before working with Katy I felt a big camera fear and was scared that my fear would keep me from being myself on camera. But my intuition told me that Katy would be the right person to walk this new edge with and she was. Katy made me feel comfortable, supported and relaxed through the whole process, and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."

Indigomoon Enemark, Women’s Wisdom Keeper & Mentor


Photo by Kate Nutt


"Katy's warm and open nature made me feel completely at ease.

"I don't often get in front of the camera but Katy's warm and open nature made me feel completely at ease. She added a creative eye to my ideas and the result was awesome. The photo shoot was a lot of fun and I ended up with some really great professional shots to use in the promotional material for my yoga business."

Siri Shakti, Kundalini Yoga Teacher


Photo by Katy Bullen


"I spent much time with katy in S.E Asia where we both worked in the humanitarian field.

We also collaborated on two projects for which she produced outstanding documentary shorts. Katy is an authentic talent in the technical aspects of videography/editing but what makes her a remarkable filmmaker is her sensitivity of vision and deep empathy for the plight of others."

Alan Scott-Moncrieff, The Global Child

Photo © Callum Bennetts - Maverick Photo Agency


"katy worked with cambodian children's fund in our earliest years.

Katy worked with Cambodian Children's Fund (CCF) in our earliest years and produced our first CCF video, providing an overview of "what we do". Having worked in the film business for 26 years, and led marketing for major film studios, I have a higher degree of expectation than most non-profits.

Katy's brief was deliberately broad - to encapsulate the work CCF does, with the emotion and imperative needed to foster funding - and the "music video" she delivered was outstanding.

Katy Bullen has the rare ability to combine an understanding of a subject with the creative and technical skills to capture this on film. She is a remarkably talented filmmaker".

Scott Neeson, The Cambodian Children's Fund


Photo: The Wall Street Journal