Deliver Your Message in a Fresh & Powerful Way

A Taster Film is a short and beautifully crafted digital story that captures the essence of your work; bringing together images, words, and music in a way that authentically expresses your message in both a sensory and exquisite way, leaving you, and your audience feeling inspired.

Taster Films are a powerful marketing tool which you can present proudly on your website and share on social media to grab the attention of your audience. They will quickly see and clearly understand what you do, and how and why you do it.

My approach to filmmaking is distinct in that we go on a journey together to really get to the depths of what your business means and how you want that to be experienced by your audience. I love coming up with new creative ways to share your unique message, and we will spend time together to draw this out. I will help you narrate your own visual story in a way that delivers your message straight from the heart.

This journey of discovery through film encourages you to shine your light and stand out from the crowd by bringing the very best parts of you and your work to the forefront.

I will join you at your business, or in locations worldwide that represent what you're all about to capture images, ideas, and the movement of your message. This might include filming your workshop, retreat or event, gathering powerful interviews and testimonials, or re-creating scenes to illustrate your message - depending on the content we decided on in our Creative Planning Session.

If you feel called to share your message far and wide, and discover the pleasure of being able to convey your business easily through the medium of film, I would love to partner with you and help you showcase your company to the world.

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If a Taster Film doesn't feel like the right fit for your business or organisation, there are many other effective ways we can deliver your message and build your brand online through video. What you need and desire will depend on your business vision, your brand identity and how you wish to connect with your audience.

Here's a few examples to consider:

  • Inspiring Interviews

  • Video Testimonials

  • Online Course Videos

  • Digital Stories

  • Eye-Catching Social Media Snippets

  • Presentations

  • Powerful Documentaries

What Others Say


I could not speak more highly of Katy’s work, her artistry and integrity! One of the best business investments I’ve ever made!