The freshest way to convey your message & share it far & wide.

Your work isn’t just a business, it enhances your life. It's part of who you are, and you’re in it for more than the money. 

You've got a message to share with the world. You might even be really clear about it, or you might need some help to bring it forth. But the calling is there, and you want to share it in a way that makes you feel inspired and joyful. You know that you could reach more people and share your message further with the right medium. 

If you have ever wished that there was someone who could really understand what you want to express to the world and to bring that to life for you in a visual way, we might be a good match!

Whether you’re ready to make your film, or completely new to the idea of video-marketing for your business, let’s have a creative chat to discuss ideas and see what we can make possible together.

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Video Marketing with Soul Online Course

Discover the how-to of video making to share your business story, connect with your audience and grow your community. Designed for heart-centred women entrepreneurs who are ready to shine and stand out from the crowd.


Taster Films & Promotional Videos

Bring your vision to life. A Taster Film is a short and beautifully crafted digital story that captures the essence of your message and brings your story to life in a fresh and exciting way using images, words and music.


Deep Discovery Sessions

Elevate your business message. This 90 minute online 1-2-1 is an invaluable journey for any savvy business owner. Dive deep into the heart of your work, get clear on your business story and reignite the magic in what your offering.


Personal & Business Branding Photography

Build your unique brand identity and online presence. Personalise your business with imagery that tells your story, creates trust and connects instantly with your audience.


inSIGHT Channel

Conversations on healing, awakening & conscious leadership. In depth interviews with modern-day wisdom keepers, heart-centred entrepreneurs and conscious leaders of our time. An online platform of videos and podcasts designed to inspire and inform through the stories of others.