How is your business showing up in the world & what does your brand deliver?

A Deep Discovery Session is an invaluable tool for any heart-centred business owner, and is available to anyone wanting to get clearer on their business story and explore how to bring it forth in an authentic and powerful way.

Through this journey of discovery you will:

  • Deep-dive into the heart of your work and reignite the magic in what you’re offering.

  • Get clear on the important messages you want to share with your audience and explore how you can share those message effectively throughout your work and branding.

  • Discover how to bring your business story to life in a powerful way to better connect with your audience.



  • £125 (Pounds Sterling) per 90 minute session.

  • Includes pre-meeting email consultation.

  • Includes a video/audio recording of your Deep Discovery Session.

  • Once we have arranged our date and time to speak, you will receive a link to connect with me by Zoom, an online meeting room.

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What Others Say

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"I loved my Deep Discovery experience with Katy. She is so focused and dedicated. Fabulous fine tuning!"

- Renee Ariel, Goddess Silks

Play the video to watch the full testimonial.

“I should have done this three and a half years ago before I started producing products. Through this discovery process, I really elevated my message - What am I really offering from my heart not just my mind. It was a beautiful thing.”

- Dr. Leonard McGill, Energy Sexuality