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My Story

Originally from Lancashire, England I have literally filmed my way around the world and I am now based in the Byron Bay region of NSW, Australia where I live with my partner. I have worked with many incredible people who have dedicated their lives to help others heal, awaken and thrive. It's my job to bring their soulful stories to life on film and help them spread important messages to the world.

It's my passion to work with heart-centred entrepreneurs, conscious leaders and modern day wisdom keepers. The films I love to make mirror a world that's evolving through more mindful and conscious attitudes and promote a more positive understanding of life and the environment we live in.

I have travelled to places far and wide to join people on retreats, in workshops or at their place of work to capture the essence of their message and shine a light on what they do. You might find me:

  • Filming dancers in Thailand

  • Joining sacred feminine retreats in Hawaii

  • Filming festivals in Bali

  • Making Yoga videos in Ireland

  • Photographing conscious communities in Greece

  • Interviewing spiritual communities in India

  • Producing films at luxury resorts on Thai islands

  • Developing online course videos for Tantra schools in England

  • Capturing the stories of street children in Cambodia

  • Making documentaries about women factory workers in Myanmar

  • Teaching workshops and mentoring aspiring filmmakers globally

I began my career as a freelance filmmaker in Cambodia, where I lived for four years documenting the stories of street children who were forced into child labour and suffered abuse. I was commissioned to work with organisations such as the Cambodian Children's Fund and The Global Child School.

Whilst there, I also helped to establish Cambodia's Children Charity which sponsored children in Cambodia from 2004-2018.

I continued my work in human rights and for five years worked as a Video Production Adviser & Trainer with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) to help build the capacities of discriminated people, marginalised ethnic communities and community based organisations along the Thailand/Myanmar border.

I worked closely with Burmese refugees, migrant workers, tribal people and environmental groups to capture their lives and work in film, train them in video production and help them be an advocate for peace, democracy and social change.

Through these humbling experiences, combined with my own inner journey and the practices of yoga, dance and holistic well-being, I was inspired to create new forms of creative filmmaking and discover different approaches to sharing human wisdom.

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