A magical journey through which we create an unique piece of art inspired by you and crafted by me. 

Bringing together video footage, words and music in a way that authentically expresses your message in both a sensory and exquisite way, leaving you, and your audience feeling inspired.



We begin with a 30 min Skype call getting clear on what you need, what you want to share with the world, and what style of film would best suit you and your business.

We have a real conversation about what you’re all about so that I can best feel into how you would like a film created, what you’re trying to capture and see if we're a good match to make that happen.

I get to know what kind of person you are, what kind of business you have, and what kind of audience you engage with.

This a creative process that delves into truly understanding who you are and the message that you want to share. Allowing the very best parts of you to be brought to life on film.

If from our discussion we feel a connection and excitement about working together we agree on the terms and set our next date to speak!



The journey:

Helping you unravel your story and share your message with the world


A 2 hour Creative Coaching Session

This can happen face to face or by Skype and follows on from your Initial Discovery Session by getting into the depths of what you want to share.

We get clear on the message that you want to share in your film and how to prepare that information for filming. This includes collecting testimonials from your clients, speaking with other relevant people to your business, and helping you to script what you are going to say.

Once we have the content storyboard clear, I will create a project map and timeline for your film for us both to follow.


Capturing the essence of your message

I will join you at your business, or in locations that represent what you're all about and capture images, ideas, and the movement of your message. This can include filming testimonials from your clients, an interview with you, or overlaid audio narration from you depending on the content we decided on in our Creative Coaching session.

This is where the magic happens

Your part is done.

I now bring it all together in a creative mind mapping way, keeping your vision and intention as my destination. 

I will bring to life your message in the most magical way possible, and provide you with a quality film showcasing your message in a way that you can be proud of.

Bringing your message to life

 I send you the finished product for your review and we discuss it together sharing transparently regarding any further edits that need to be made. 

I will make any agreed changes before completing the final draft.


What you will get

An unique and beautiful film with full ownership to you

  • A complete edited high resolution HD file (or whatever format you need)
  •  Your film formatted and ready to give to your web designer to embed onto your website and share on your social media accounts including YouTube, Facebook etc allowing you to share it immediately
  • All original film files are available on request

Sharing your film

It's time for you to share your message with the world

If you would like support in creating your own online video channels, or in how to share your film online check out my Insider Tips and contact me to discuss the many ways I can help you further.