My clients often express to me that our journey together through the creation of film has included a deep process of self discovery.

My own passion for this work is journeying together with individuals who have something really special to share with others but don't quite know how to bring it forth.

Initially my clients may have a fear of being on film, of talking, of being seen, of showing up and putting themselves out there, but they have a wanting to go beyond that fear because of their dedication to their work, their desire to help people and the importance of their message.

I understand all these fears because I have them too, but I've learned ways to welcome them into my life and allow them to Be and to breathe.

Those parts of ourselves that have kept us safe for so long have served their purpose. We don't need to fight them or hide from them, but rather explore them, create with them and see them as gifts to help empower us in new ways.

I have found that the process I use through film and photography is a magical tool to allow the Soul's voice to shine through, for the deepest parts of ourselves to be seen, heard, held and expressed.

My background is not only in film but in performing arts, dance, yoga, sound, meditation, healing and mindful living. All these parts of me I bring into my work and into the journey of film creation.

I hold a supportive space for your self-discovery, allowing the very best parts of you to be brought to life on film. This a creative process that delves into truly understanding who you are and the message that you want to share.

If this feels like something that resonates with you and your work, please don't hesitate to contact me for your free 30 minute discovery session on skype. We have a real conversation about what you’re all about so that I can best feel into how you would like a film created, what you’re trying to capture and see if we're a good match to make that happen.

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The photo above I took when traveling solo in Burma back in 2011, a journey that took me out of my comfort zone but taught me so much about myself.