I worked with a client recently who was particularly nervous about being on camera and telling his story. He had very little self-confidence and had been told by many that he wasn't worthy. He had even made a film before but wasn't confident to share it.

He asked if I could work with him to help him unfold and visualise a dream he truly believed in, and his heart was calling for. Something he felt could really help others, if only he could show up and share it.

We spent time together connecting, exploring his passion, developing his confidence, working on speech, having fun and playing with the camera. Eventually capturing some lovely footage which came from a really authentic and heart-open space.

Yesterday I sent him a first draft of the film and he even messaged back saying he couldn't watch it, there was so much fear, and did I need more time to make it better before he saw it. I said, "Go ahead and watch it!" :)

This morning I woke up to this message from him:

"I'm blown away, my heart sang and I fell in love with myself... My self-belief has just gone through the roof!"

I am so inspired by the courage and motivation my client had to follow his heart and do whatever it takes to share his passion with the world. Showing up can be a life-changing step.

For me, creative film-making is a transformational tool that can assist in dream-making and soul-building. It can offer a pathway to discover oneself, explore new ways of being and encourage hidden voices to sing!

Feeling blessed to be able to share this journey with so many. Filling the world with a new type of story is what will save it.