One day this summer at Stanton Drew sacred stone circle in the south-west of England, I volunteered to document a group of local women who call themselves 'Weavers of the land'.

Weavers of the land is an outdoor community project for women, held by "Embodied Ecology Arts" in collaboration with local artists.

As a filmmaker, I was invited to share in this experience and vision of "bringing women together, to embody and restore a sense of connection, beauty and power from being with the land and the shared co-creative process of movement and weaving."

The morning skies were dry and we began the gathering at the stone circle, coming together in soft ritual and discussing the 'dance' that was going to take place around the stones. As rain started to pour we lay upon the grassy earth accepting the elements with laughter, but eventually we became drenched to the bone, and so decided to take shelter in the local pub and drink hot tea!

The planned events for the day would have to be postponed but then embracing the moment, we went outside and something magical began to happen in the garden...

Each women's creative expression is an offering to the land and all life....the sinuous tracing of "weaving" bodies and hearts.... the still presence, the gentle playfulness, the sounding ...becomes interwoven invisible threads, made of women's dreams and prayers... a tapestry of the Feminine Soul...

For more information please visit the Embodied Ecology Arts website