'Filmmaking is so much more than ‘point & shoot’ for me. It’s about feeling, connection, sharing, discovery and growth.'  

- Katy Bullen


I create exquisite films that wow and inspire. Films that ooze depth, beauty and meaning. Bringing to life a soulful message on film is what lights me up, and it’s not just my work, it’s my art.

Using brilliant camera equipment, lighting and sound I make stunning visuals that capture the essence, beauty and magic of life in its many shades, colours and forms.

I work with people who want to share their authentic stories or spread meaningful messages of inspiration, community, hope, wisdom and love.

The process of film production is a real voyage of discovery, one that I am constantly inspired by and it is often empowering for my clients too.

Each film is a reflection of a deeper journey that finds its voice as we move together with the camera, connect and trust in the moment, and allow the rest to naturally unfold into being.

Together, we create a unique piece of art, capture an expression of our time and offer an important message to be shared far and wide.


When I’m not making films you might find me…

  • Backpacking solo through Burma
  • Teaching Yoga in Thailand
  • Motorcycling around the Bolovan Plateau in Laos
  • Or facilitating DANCEmandala classes in the UK


Originally from Lancashire, England I have literally filmed my way around the world. My work has taken me through Asia from Korea to Cambodia, to the USA, Romania, Thailand and India.

I began my career as a freelance filmmaker in Cambodia, where I lived for four years documenting the stories of street children who were forced into child labour and suffered abuse.

I continued my work in human rights and for five years worked as a film production adviser and trainer with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) to help build the capacities of discriminated people, marginalised ethnic communities and human rights organisations along the Thailand/Burma border. 

I worked closely with refugees, migrant workers, tribal people and environmental groups to capture their lives and work in film, train them in film production and help them be an advocate for peace, democracy and social change.

Through these humbling experiences, combined with my own inner journey and the practices of dance, yoga and holistic wellbeing, I was inspired to create new forms of filmmaking and discover different approaches to sharing human wisdom.

In all of my films I reflect a world that is evolving through more mindful and conscious attitudes and promote a more positive and deeper understanding of life and the environment we live in.

I have had the pleasure of creating films for yoga studios, retreat spaces, dance courses, life coaches and teachers of all kinds. To experience more of my work on film head here


I have travelled an incredible journey of world exploration, human discovery, personal growth and inspired action.

Key memories for me range from working with children on toxic rubbish dumps in Cambodia and camping with Navajo Indians in Arizona, to working with film executive Scott Neeson and premiering a film at a celebrity fundraiser in Hollywood.

I have filmed a 3000-mile motorcycle rally across the United States, witnessed the transformation of young Romanians who had survived Ceausescu’s tyranny, lived with refugees in their camps and with tribal communities along the Thailand/Burma border, I’ve been instrumental in building and training a network of young ethnic-Burmese video journalists and I also helped to establish a UK registered charity, Cambodia’s Children, which has been providing support for over one-hundred former street children in Phnom Penh since 2004.

From the mountains of Chiang Mai to the tropics of Southern Thailand, and India, I have had the blessed experience of working with entrepreneurs and inspiring yoga teachers, well-being pioneers, and those creating new beautiful methods of healing.